2-Piece Rotors Fully-Floating a Pair 324-330mm


  • 7075-T7 aluminum rotor hat. OEM ,SLOTTED , DRILLED.
  • Φ:324mm/330mm
  • Rigid,Wear-Resistant ,Corrosion resistance.
  • Other sizes can be consulted
  • Performance High thermostability 800℃.
  • Track High thermostability 1000℃.
  • Price for pair
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  • OEM, Wholesale, and export welcome, please contact Us with detail.
  • The patented technology features extraordinary,-level quality control for high-carbon heat-treated brake discs. It features specially designed high-hardness alloy cast iron formula that maximizes the maximum temperature limit of the brake disc during sustained high-load braking, reducing the possibility for deformation, vibration, and friction coefficient decay of the brake pads under high-temperature conditions. Various metallic components are added to the base material, enhancing the brake disc’s tensile strength, metal hardness, friction force, and heat dissipation efficiency.
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performance, Track

Rotors size

Φ324mm, Φ330mm


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